TeXCAD - LaTeX drawing program. Ada Programming.

TeXCAD 4.5

Short description:

TeXCAD is a program for drawing or retouching {picture}s in LaTeX.
It operates on plain LaTeX {picture}s (thus, requires no add-on, and is displayed on all devices), but extends largely the original {picture} capabilities.
You also enjoy the same fonts, macros, formulas as elsewhere in your LaTeX document.
Furthermore, you can still switch on some supported add-ons (classes or style sheets), but are not obliged to.


TeXCAD is free software and is distributed, including its sources, under the GNU General Public License.
© 2003 .. 2015 Free Software Foundation.


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Contact for the current project

Please e-mail to Gautier de Montmollin, e-mail.

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Georg Horn, Jörn Winkelmann   Original TeXCAD for DOS (1989-1994), in Pascal, up to v. 3.2
Gautier de Montmollin Translation to Ada, TeXCAD 4.x system, Windows version
? Versions for other platforms (GTK, Mac in discussion) - please contact me (Gautier) for coordination

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